Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clara's Art..........on Wooden Art Blocks!

I am now offering my giclee canvas art prints mounted on wood blocks.  Currently available in miniature 4"x6" or 4"x4" sizes....they are super cute.....especially when displayed in a small group!   

PERFECT for the holidays....collect one or a series!

Giclee Canvas Art Blocks.......with natural pine edges.
Giclee Canvas Art Blocks.......with black paint edges.
No framing required.......blocks are personally signed (by me!) and come ready to hang.  


  1. I actually noticed this in your shop just very recently and I wondered how they did that (and how much it cost, and whether I should look into it). They do look super cute. Your art looks great this way!

    1. Cindy,
      These are actually made by hand thru my printer. He cuts the wood and pastes giclee canvas prints on them, then apply varnish coat. I have him make them small (4x4 & 4x6) to keep costs down and they are cute small. You should look into it.....if you have someone doing your prints ask them if they could do this. Or I think a local framer can do them too. The only thing is my printer requires a minimum order to at least 10 pieces. Your artwork......especially your series would look GREAT on these! I would think they would be great for the holidays too! Keep me posted on what you find out and whether you pursue this.......