Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big Sky Bison on Desert Turquoise

My latest painting is a classic Western icon....the American Bison herd on the horizon......under a big desert turquoise blue sky.

Petroglyph drawings in the ground.....symbolizes ancient messages, spiritual connection, and cultural significance between man and animal.

Big Sky Bison, Details
Big Sky Bison on Desert Turquoise is on a jumbo 24 x 48 canvas.  


  1. Such a lovely glow about them. Wonderfully beautiful color. And that close up - the faces are so cute! I mean, uh, majestic! No seriously, I just think cow-type faces are so cute. Wonderful grouping, too. :D

    1. HI Cindy!.....okay if they are cute! I've seem them in real life and they are pretty huge & intimidating!

  2. This is beautiful, Clara, I love it!