Friday, May 27, 2011


SURTEX ( the East Coast's largest trade show for original art and design licensing was held in New York City this year in mid May.    I was there for the first day and enjoyed an incredible was educational and alot of information gathering.  Spoke to many industry and professional experts in the field and learned lots of stuff about the licensing market.

See my guest blogger commentaries on SURTEX at:

The next licensing trade show, the International Licensing Expo ( is in June in Las Vegas.  Might have to make a trip to Sin City.....perfect excuse!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My studio

This is my studio......a quiet treasured place where time stands still for me.  I can disappear and paint the entire day.....loosing track of time.   Nothing else in life come close to how I feel when I'm able to be creative.........

Inside my studio.....generally a mess....and I'm usually such a clean person!  I typically have 4 to 5 paintings going on at the same various stages of completion.   Now that I'm getting into prints,  its cluttered with even more stuff.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scott Plaster's Whimsical Animal Art

I found Scott Plaster's work kinda by accident.....searching for other whimsical artists like myself.  But his work instantly attracted me with its lighthearted style, soft colors, and gentle animals, each with its own personality.   His whimsical animal art is not cartoon-like, common styles of other whimsical arists.   He uses detailed brushstrokes in oil, that gives a soft touch to crocodiles, creates delicate beetles, and adds silky depth to the fur of a marmoset monkey.   His paintings are engaging, with a refreshing style thats a combination of color, charm, and smiles.  
Scott Plaster is well know in art galleries and art boutique shops across the North Carolina Piedmont triad area.  Scott is also very active in the North Carolina art community.  He is one of the founders of the Cosmic Cow Society that promotes local NC art.  He markets a full line of matted ready-to-frame art reproductions,  art note card sets, art greeting cards, art posters, stickers, and even art online e-cards.  His free whimsical online greeting cards are available at his Online Art Greeting Card Site.  

You can check out Scott's art at his website and blog: 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Theresa Paden

I recently found Theresa Paden's art and I love her work!  She is a horse me and paints horses, buffalo, and other wildlife.   I also love her use of colors.  Theresa has a couple of websites:

Below check out her buffalo painting w drips.....I love it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Latest Commission - Octopus on Boysenberry

My latest octopus (or octopi for plural?) painting.    Just started painting first layers.   The buyers wanted blue ringed octopus so I'm doing quite a bit of research on them since I have never actually seen one.
This one is a large 30 x 40 on thick gallery wrap.

Have also started another octopus horizontal.....will post images soon. :-)

More progress.............the octopus  on the right will be bright red and the left will be shades of yellow and lime green.  Both will have highlights of bright blue rings.....will post updates soon!

More progress.......

Candied Crabs on Banana Cream

15 x 40 acrylic on canvas

Fiddler crabs are funny fellows, scurrying across the sand so that you can never get a real good look at them.  This painting captures their gregarious nature in all colors of the rainbow.    They seem to be chattering and jousting with each other as they show off their colored shells.

This original painting is on sale at ARTFX Gallery in Annapolis, MD. See

Lemon Llamas on Lavender

22 x 28 acrylic on canvas

Llamas are naturally curious and friendly.  I loved painting their curly thick coats and long eyelashes!
These fellows will be on sale at ARTFX Gallery in Annapolis, MD in late May.  They will also be available in adorable mini giclees.   See