Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Artwork Products at Kohl's Stores!!

I'm so excited to announce that a few select items of my artwork products will be available for Kohl's Stores!!  
Kohl's will start by carrying my work in their test markets and online store.  Then these items will be in their Summer 2013!

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  1. They have a good eye! Congratulations!

  2. Holy cow! That is sooooo great! Will it be art prints or other things too? Shower curtains? Or oh! They should totally do one of those themed bathroom displays with your images on the shower curtain, towels, and soap dish! :D

    Seriously. Congratulations!

  3. Hey....thanks....right now just pillows and shower curtains. Like most retailers they want to test the market before committing to more products. I'm just excited to have 2 items in their stores!

  4. Wow, that is awesome! LOVE the pillows. :)

    1. HI Lindsay....thanks! I think the turquoise ponies you have will be offered in pillows and shower curtains soon.....I think by summer. Hope you are doing well....still check out your blog've grown!