Monday, January 14, 2013

Paprika Owls & Mint Mouse on Saffron

These two curious peppery red barn owls are focused on a very alert minty green field mouse!!   Paprika Owls & Mint Mouse on Saffron, is a 24x24 gallery wrap.....painted on a brilliant spicy yellow background.


  1. Beautiful! I just love the way their faces have that fluffiness, and they are so cute and curious! The jewel tones in the feathers are terrific!

    (Also, thank you so much for continuing to let me know about email issues at my blog. I think the new widget will work, but I'm still fine tuning!)

  2. WOW!!!
    Loving your work and of course the stunning colours!
    JUst beautiful :-)

  3. I love the composition, the colors, designs on the owls, and the expressions on the faces! Wonderful!