Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spiced Slugs Series.......

The underrated Garden Slug is slimy and gross, but also fascinating creatures who are beneficial for the environment.  

They are everywhere in my yard.......but in such dull colors!  So I decided to spice these little guys ablaze with color! 

Spiced Slugs Series are quadriptychs on four tiny and adorable 6x6 block canvases.  


  1. Love this new series! Who ever thought of cheerful slugs!

  2. Hi CHarlene! LOL the poor slug...no one lkes them....thought I'd give them a break....

  3. These are really cool! I love the combination of pattern and color! I've actually been doing some 4-some prints of my ACEOs and ATCs. It's fun if you like a particular creature to have a series of different versions like that. I think my favorite is the bottom left with the blues and greens. Super cool!

  4. Cindy.....Yes....I do love your series too.....like the cats series. I think I will do more series in tiny sizes because they are so popular......and paint the lowly forest floor dwellers that no one likes!