Sunday, June 24, 2012

Artist Spotlight

Clara Nilles - Artist Spotlight

Recently, I was interviewed on the business aspects of my art, by is a digital online printing company from Minnesota, that produces variable data, continuous tone printing, and other custom on-demand digital work.

Check it out!  


  1. Wonderful interview! And lots of great information - I will have to have another read through when I get off work. I will also have to look into smartpress. I've been using and so far I like them, though Giclee prints are pricey (probably the same anywhere). Also Moo for cards and postcards (pricey but nice quality).

    Really nicely laid out interview with lots of your paintings, which is cool. Not sure I had seen the "Pink Penguin Plunge" - so adorable!

    I wanted to comment over there but don't use Facebook. :(

  2. I love Smartpress.....they use top quality papers, inks, and have a nice online QA system. And if they select your work to feature.....(its a secret) get a $100 awesome deal!

  3. What a great article and fantastic interview! Your artwork looks great!!