Friday, September 13, 2013

Clara's Art.......on Suede, Satin, and Silk Fabrics!

I have been selected by Hot Boltz Inc. to have my artwork printed on some of the latest and newest fabrics on the market including; micro & heavy suede, poly silk, satin, upholstery fabric, felt, and outdoor polyester fabrics.   

These materials can be used for tablecloths, table runners, outdoor floor mats, wall tapestry, pillows, shower curtains, on furniture......the possibilities are endless!
Artwork printed on suede fabric and poly silk......from Hot Boltz, Inc. 
Hot Boltz, Inc was recently featured in the Baltimore Sun
Check out some samples of designs and materials being used......


  1. Rock on, woman! Holy cow. Congratulations! Also, I love that blue bull in your banner! I think you must change your banner a lot. Or, maybe it rotates? :D

    1. HI Cindy....yes....I change the header image (manually) about once 6 months to keep things fresh and interesting......:-)